Hello, nice to meet you!

I am Lisa, a curious traveler based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Ever since I can think, my heart beats for traveling, the big and small adventures and that feeling of absolute freedom when being on the road.

I always thought the trigger of my wanderlust was my very first long-distance trip to the Caribbean, but actually, it all started much earlier…

I was very lucky that my parents took my brother and I on many cool trips early on. Vanlife adventures started at the age of 2 – with our converted light blue VW Bus T3 we discovered Europe back then. 

After my first long-distance trip to the Dominican Republic at the age of 13, it was all up with me. When I got off the plane and the hot, humid air hit my face for the first time, I immediately had a huge grin on my face. I fell in love with the Latin American spirit, the laid-back nature of the locals, and the fast-paced merengue rhythms. 

Having a great curiosity for foreign cultures and far away places ever since, travel became my biggest passion.

I couldn’t help but incorporating travel as much as possible into my life. What followed was my first big solo trip to Australia, an apprenticeship with the world’s largest tourism company, a business degree, and I used every free minute to see even more of the world. Already in those days I documented every adventure and every route I took and loved capturing my travel memories with my camera.

More than 30 countries and countless photos later, the desire to travel has not diminished one bit. The constant longing for adventures in the world has taken me to many beautiful places. Yet the list of my travel destinations keeps growing.

Some of my favorite travel memories include galloping through the Vinales Valley in Cuba, staying in a bamboo hut on a remote island in Panama, seeing the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, exploring ancient Mayan ruins in the Mexican jungle, experiencing the wilderness of South Africa firsthand, and exploring the incredibly beautiful islands of the Philippines by canoe.

You’ll find the best experiences and my tips for the travel destinations on this blog!

stay adventurous.